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New Jersey Photographer

Okay.  Usually I’m not all about promoting myself.  I like to try to let my work speak for itself and not force it on other people. However, I’m about to graduate from Monmouth University in less than three months with a degree that’s concentrated in Photography and I feel it’s about time to expand my audience.  If I don’t proudly promote myself I can not expect others to do so.  I take so much pride in what I do…it is my life’s passion.  For me, taking a photo goes so much deeper than just taking the photo.  The feeling I get from making images is one I equate with being in love, because that’s how it truly feels.

I am keeping this post short and sweet in the hopes that whoever comes across it can get a sense for the love I have for my art and will move along to the link I am providing and be able to then see that love. Enjoy!

As always, I am RJ and here is a link to my photography page: RJLennon Photography


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Book Coloring.

As of late, I’ve been seeing a really cool trend erupt.  One I have no name for and can only describe as “book coloring” or “blackout book coloring” both of which yield no helpful search results as far as Google is concerned…great.  As shown in the photo I have attached below, you take any book of your choosing and make your own phrases out of the already published work.

How interesting?  To be so moved by someone else’s work that you would like to use their words to create something of your own.  Conversely, how interesting to be so unmoved by a previously published work that you’d want to deface the book and make it something of your own.  Either way I find this trend completely fascinating as the possibilities are endless.  You can say however much or little as you’d like and the outcome is only dictated by the content already on the page as well as your own imagination.

Thoughts?  Would you deface a book for artistic purposes?  I for one would love to try this out.  Think about it…how many of us have books our professors make us buy that we probably will never look at again after college?  All of us.  And how many times is the return to the bookstore or the post on Amazon not even worth the effort?  Frequently.  See what you can dig up and get back to me, I’d love to see more of this happening.

I found this on http://www.tumblr.com and while I do not know the origins of the photo or by who’s hand the book was colored, I absolutely love this.

As always, I am RJ and if you’re anything like me you’ve strayed from this blog for a while.  If this is your first time here, welcome, and if you’re a repeat offender, welcome back, it’s nice to see you again.

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The more you complain, the harder it seems.

First and foremost, let us get the that’s what she said joke out of our systems…okay okay, out of my system, alright I’m good, and clearly I will never change.  Actually, change is kind of what this post is about.  It’s October, the leaves are changing, the weather is changing…sort of…and as for me, I’m trying to change some things about my life.  I’ve been trying to run more, and I’ll say, it hurts.  It’s hurts in my legs, and it hurts in my chest.  My muscles strain to do things they haven’t attempted in years, isn’t that pathetic? 21 years old.  But I’m working on it.  I’ve done this before.  I’ve gotten excited about exercising for a few months at a time and then I always let life get in the way.  But this time it feels different.  The exercise thing…it’s becoming a part of my life, a big one.  I think about it all day, everyday.  If I’m not running or swimming, I want to be.  I sometimes hate my life while I’m huffing and puffing along, embarrassed that I allowed myself to get this way…repeatedly.  But here’s the thing: I keep going back for more.  It hurts, but I like it.  I’m terrified of running, but I do it.  And maybe to some this will sound corny, but: today I had a breakthrough.

Today I went running with a friend.  I haven’t known her terribly long, but I feel like you wouldn’t catch on to that if you ever hung out with us.  Ever since we started working out together, she’s been motivating me, and even more than that, helping me motivate myself, whether she knows it or not.  I am grateful that she puts up with my whining and complaining, especially today when those were arguably at their worst.  Today I had the bright idea that we should run outside.  We had once before and I enjoyed it more than the treadmill, so I figured it was a no brainer.  We started off together, and as usual, everything hurt and I let her know it.  At some point we broke apart as we each found our own pace.  I was alone in my head, a place I find intimidating and overwhelming when I exercise or right before bed.  At these times, my thoughts have the tendency to race, and they can sometimes be overpowering.  I set myself up for failure before I even let myself try.  But like I said, something happened today that I’m not sure I can even explain.  For those that do not know, I have a teeny, tiny, inconspicuous heart-shaped tattoo on my left wrist.  I got it for my grandfather, Dante, because when I was in high school I would always pray to him and ask him to run on my left.  If you ever workout with me, take note of which side you are on.  I sometimes slip up, but I always try to leave the left side open for him, just in case.  Today my racing thoughts slowed as I ran and held an audible conversation with my grandfather.  I was answering questions no one was asking, I couldn’t breathe, but I kept going, asking him to stay with me.  And the best part of it all, is that I know he was there.  I’m not the only one in my family to experience this phenomenon, so you, reader, can think I’m crazy, but I know I’m not.  I asked him to help me, to take the pain away because I wanted to do this, and in no way am I kidding when I say, no sooner did I ask, was it received.  I cried because I didn’t understand, and it became harder to breathe but I didn’t care.  Finally I was done as I met my friend back at our cars.  Exhausted both emotionally and physically, I explained that I was crying like an idiot because I missed my grandfather.  Without missing a beat she said that she’d bet I was talking to him while I ran, mind you, we were so far apart on this last part of our run that there would have been no way for her to know that.  “Cancers are intuitive,” she told me.

Maybe it was just me letting go of the thought that there is no possible way I could ever be a runner.  Maybe I let go of the mental pain and the physical followed.  Maybe I really did experience some kind of spiritual phenomenon that helped me change my mind about myself and my goals.  Whatever it was, it sparked something.  It sparked something and now I’m running away with that spark and never looking back.


As always, I am RJ, and I am proud of myself.


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