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Book Coloring.

As of late, I’ve been seeing a really cool trend erupt.  One I have no name for and can only describe as “book coloring” or “blackout book coloring” both of which yield no helpful search results as far as Google is concerned…great.  As shown in the photo I have attached below, you take any book of your choosing and make your own phrases out of the already published work.

How interesting?  To be so moved by someone else’s work that you would like to use their words to create something of your own.  Conversely, how interesting to be so unmoved by a previously published work that you’d want to deface the book and make it something of your own.  Either way I find this trend completely fascinating as the possibilities are endless.  You can say however much or little as you’d like and the outcome is only dictated by the content already on the page as well as your own imagination.

Thoughts?  Would you deface a book for artistic purposes?  I for one would love to try this out.  Think about it…how many of us have books our professors make us buy that we probably will never look at again after college?  All of us.  And how many times is the return to the bookstore or the post on Amazon not even worth the effort?  Frequently.  See what you can dig up and get back to me, I’d love to see more of this happening.

I found this on http://www.tumblr.com and while I do not know the origins of the photo or by who’s hand the book was colored, I absolutely love this.

As always, I am RJ and if you’re anything like me you’ve strayed from this blog for a while.  If this is your first time here, welcome, and if you’re a repeat offender, welcome back, it’s nice to see you again.


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Don’t break the bank.

Showing people you care.  It’s not tough to do. It’s the little things that add up along the way that truly matter.  You don’t have to spend loads of money, break the bank or buy anything extravagant.  Sometimes not spending money provides a more valuable gift than if you had.  Think about it: what do parents keep nine times out of ten?  Their kids’ handmade drawings, cards and random pieces of macaroni glued to a piece of paper.  Those are things you can’t replace, thus making them more valuable than anything you can buy in a store.  I don’t know about you but I think homemade cards are the best things since sliced bread.  I mean who wants to spend $4 on a store-bought card that the recipient may not even read, that contains way too many words and sometimes very confusing sentiments?  I say, break out the markers, the construction paper and scissors, let your creative juices flow and make your own.  Note: Beware of glitter, life is not a Katy Perry song; you can’t just stand up and shake that stuff off, trust me.  This is the best way to personalize a card to best fit the “needs” of the person to whom you are giving it.  Your creativity doesn’t have to stop at cards, you can draw pictures, make a photo collage, write a poem or a song or even bake someone cookies.  As a poor college student, I know all about using my creativity to be able to show people I’m thinking of them.

Some may say that homemade gifts and cards are the easy way out of gift giving.  Well I say, that those people are Scrooge’s in the making.  Homemade things show the recipient that you have put a lot of thought, time and effort into giving them something that you hope is really special.  It’s time to step out of the Madonna song, people.  We don’t all have to be material girls living in a material world.

So how will you show your loved ones you care this holiday season?  I’m RJ and this is just something to think about…


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