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Anxious. (September 11, 2012)

“Come on, I’m anxious,” you said,

and we walked.

If only you knew how anxious you make me.

How long I lie awake at night,

memories rolling like waves through my consciousness

until the sound finally puts me to sleep.

Sleep. Ha.

Just when I think I’ll find relief…

a place where my mind can escape, rest,

but you continue to haunt me, unknowingly.

So there you are.

When I wake – a dream standing before me,

When I sleep – a nightmare destined to break my heart.

I need to learn to shy from your touch.

Your intention is not to hurt me, I know it.

Your touch doesn’t sting on contact,

but it lingers,

Sinks beneath the surface and travels through me,

Eventually finding its way to the depths of my heart,

It constricts the beating,

Which constricts my breathing,

So I am being quite literal when I say,

You kill me.


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Honesty. (May 15, 2012)

I want to reach out to you, if that’s okay?

I want to dance back and forth

with our words flowing freely.

Lines upon lines

and laughing,

yours so sweet, delicate,

mine nervous.

You make me nervous.

But I can’t keep starting these dances if you will not return the movements with ease.

I can tell you are straining,

I can tell for you it seems forced.

So tell me.

I want to hold you.

Why can’t I hold you?

I should never have told you

How I feel.

Now I’m embarrassed,

passionate about nothing,

sad for no reason,

we are nothing,

we are friends.

But I want to hold you.

I want to make you mine.

But I will never have you.

I will never hold you.

You cannot hold someone in your grasp when their spirit is so free.

You’re disconnected.

In touch with the world as it is.

The extras don’t matter to you,

but they’re the only things that keep me connected to you when I’m away.

If you could pick up my notebook

and read the words I’ve written about you

you’ll either fall in love with me or have me committed.

Well, I am crazy.

Crazy about you,

about what we could be,

so commit me,

or better yet, commit to me.

Hand me your heart, I promise I’ll hold it.

And I’ll keep it.

Safe from anyone with an acid touch.  You know the kind.

Touches that create holes,

leave cracks,

grasping so tightly all I can do is lose it.

My cool.  I’ve lost my cool.

Don’t let me lose you too.

You don’t even know yet what I could do for you.

What I would do for you.

I told you honestly

that honesty is my favorite of policies

and honestly my honesty

is making me tell you things

and ask you things, my heart is seeking your answers.

I don’t get you.

Maybe you’re not right for me

because they say if you’re chasing and getting nowhere

eventually you have to know when to walk away with your dignity.

And if I walk away and you don’t come after me,

my heart gets its most important answer.  Honestly.

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