Spinning (April 23, 2012)

My sweetest insecurity,

just made my heart skip a beat.

The most beautiful smile and a knack for making me weak.

The way your mouth cradles your words, you let them out so perfectly,

carefully, your sincerity,

I can’t believe

you noticed me.

You get close, too close is not close enough,

I can’t get enough, you’re a rush,

sweetest touch, maybe it’s lust

but I want it to be more

than that.

As of late this heart of mine has been a revolving door,

I’ll admit it, I’m not ashamed for you have changed

that, my outlook is new because of you.

The door still spinning but you’re the only one coming through.

Keep coming through

until me and you

are spinning out of control.

It’s wild, what a rush, you’re a free spirit, you don’t ask for much.

I take too much, I’ve mistaken lust

before, but this is more,

you are more, can we be more

than friends?  You hold me like no one else,

freeze time,

we’re intertwined,

I feel your heartbeat,


are you ready?

I will wait because I know certain things in life are worth waiting for.

You make me break my rhythm,

falter out of step,


keep myself in it if I can,

but I can’t cause my plans go awry

every time I see your face,

hold you close,

better than most,

stop motion falling slowly,

tiny phrases changed my way for,

anything you could possibly ask of me.

Ask me,

I think I called you pretty – yea pretty perfect.

You are beautiful,

and I

am spinning out of control.


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