I’ve always been impulsive.

Well, it sure has been a minute hasn’t it? Happy New Year (almost a month later).  A lot has been happening this year already. I’ve taken confidence to a whole new level.  I named 2012: “The Year of the Why-The-Fuck-Not?” Every opportunity that is handed to me, be it in love, school or work, I take.  Whenever I find myself able to do something that scares me, I do it.  Own my feelings, hold my head high, smile, encourage others to shake their sadness and CHOOSE to be happy.  Choose to be confident.  Look in the mirror and love every single thing that is staring back at me.  Why the FUCK not?  On an unrelated note, there shouldn’t be such a taboo on that word, I’ve decided.

I’ve always been impulsive.  I do like to plan, but there’s something about the split second decision, with little to no time to back out, that “no time to be a chicken, must move forward” attitude that I loved so much about myself.  I’ve gotten three tattoos on the fly, oops, sorry mom and dad, on the bright side they’re inconspicuous.  I’ve picked up and gone to the city with no plan, just to shoot…shoot what?  Anything.  Everything.  Hopped a train to wait in line and hopefully snag tickets to a Devil’s game the day of.  No plans, just ideas and a why the fuck not attitude.

I’ve stopped being impulsive.  Maybe it came with a little bit more age.  I know, I know, I’m 21.  But I don’t feel 21, that’s just the number my driver’s license and birth certificate say that I am.  “With age comes responsibility,” they say.  But I don’t think age, responsibility and impulse should clash, why can’t the coexist harmoniously?  Maybe not so much impulse as spontaneity.

This will be a year full of impulse. This will be a year full of spontaneity, confidence, creativity.  I will prosper.  I will thrive.


As always, Sincerely, the new and improved version of myself, Rebecca, who didn’t care to force this post to follow a single thought process.


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