Dear Dante,

It is currently 12:22 am on September 13th, 2011, the day AFTER your birthday. I realized very late in the day what the date was, and maybe that was a good thing, because thinking of you only hurts my heart. I’m laying in bed in my new house wishing I could hug you and tell you all about my days and all of the things I’ve been doing for the past six and a half years. I feel like you know about most of them because I try to keep you as up to date as I can, but then I have moments where I am a terrible granddaughter and I get so caught up in what I’m doing that I don’t take the time out of my day to pray to you. But I know that you know how much you mean to me, how incredibly special you are and how highly I always have and always will think of you. I think of you every single time I pick up my camera and every single time I look at my wrist, you are the heart that has found it’s home there, and I know you are with me always. You, sir, are the heartbreak that will never heal. I miss you more with each passing day and I would give anything to talk to you again, to hear your laugh, see your smile…I can’t even stop the tears, poppy. Please continue to watch over us, and maybe in your way let me know how you’ve been, by the way, forgot to ask, did you see the photograph I made about you hanging in the student show this past spring? You, Dana and I were all on the wall, a real family affair. I hope I make you proud, lord knows I try.

We love you and we miss you always. Happy Belated Birthday,

Rebecca Jean.

I wasn’t going to include my usual line, but as always, I am RJ and I’m obsessed with my family.


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