To me, with love…

I’m never sure who reads my blog, so I only cautiously make broad generalizations like the one I’m about to make.  I bet you’ve wondered what it would be like to travel back into your past to sneak yourself tidbits of information based on what you know now.  Ten year old me always wished to be able to see into the future, to know what was coming, even just a hint, and though this is ten years late, I’m writing it anyway.  I’m stubborn, so who knows if I even would have taken my own advice? Regardless, I thought long and hard about what I would say to my ten year old self, and I’m sharing it here:


Dear Rebecca,

I will preface my letter by saying that in your life you will love, you will lose, and you will learn.  Don’t forget that.  I know you’re already confused at this point in your life, and if you really are, you’ll know what it is I’m referring to.  You’re going to hide it though, and you’re going to hide it well, for a long time.  That’s okay, kid, just try not to lose yourself in the process.  You will face situations where you are going to need to fight for something you want.  My advice to you: Never. Stop. Fighting.  The second you stop fighting, is the second someone else swoops in to claim your prize.  Work Hard.  It will pay off in the long run, I promise you that.  You’re stubborn…yes you are.  Get over it.  Life is a give and take and you can’t always be right.  Accept help.  Sometimes, you’ll really need it.  Don’t give up something that you’re passionate about.  One day you’ll pick up a guitar and you won’t know a strum pattern from a chord progression, but eventually you’ll get that hang of it, and one day you’re going to write something that you want to play and you’ll be able to.  Never EVER stop writing.  That’s all I’ll say about that one.  This one is going to hurt, so brace yourself: you are going to lose people you love left and right, in such a succession that you barely have time to come up for air.  Just prepare yourself and know that everything happens for a reason.  Don’t give up hope, don’t give up on yourself and never give up on love.  You’re going to face obstacles that seem impossible to overcome, you’ll overcome them.  You are the most important person in your life.  That statement may seem conceited but it’s not, it’s the truth, always look out for numero uno.  If the rest of the world walks out on you, you’ll be left with yourself, so maintain that relationship first and work on the others later.  Lastly, never give up on love.  People will break your heart and believe it or not, you’ll break a few yourself, even though it won’t feel that way.  That doesn’t mean that love isn’t real and it doesn’t mean that you won’t move on.  You’ve got a big heart kid, use it.  It’s worth it.  People are going to try to tell you who you are and you’ll be even more confused than you are right now, impossible as that may seem.  Don’t worry, one day something is going to click, and you’re going to know exactly who you are, I promise, and I always keep my promises.

All my love,

Rebecca Jean.


As always, I’m RJ and I personally think you should partake in this therapeutic method of writing, I promise, you’ll like it…and I always keep my promises.




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3 responses to “To me, with love…

  1. Well written, RJ! What doesn’t kill us, makes us wiser. And, you are becoming a very wise woman. 🙂

  2. One more thing! (sorry!) Pick up your pen and write a letter to Rebecca in 10 years time. Set some goals, make some plans, get excited about your future. You are very talented!!

  3. Thank you! The letter to 30 year old me will be the newest addition to RJTalks coming soon 🙂

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