Stephen Shore Contemporary Photography

The first artist I chose to look at was Stephen Shore.  His images have a simplistic and a seemingly pre-framed feel.  While he changes his perspective, sometimes shooting from above his subject, sometimes head on, it doesn’t appear that he changes at all by way of zoom.  Where he has a main focus, he includes all of the area around it as well.  I enjoyed his work because I was given a lot to take in, which can sometimes be overwhelming and take away from the overall message of the photo.  For the most part, his work presents me with something to focus on and then shows me the surrounding area in which the focus resides.  This is not true with every photograph, however.  For example, he presents us with this image:

Photo by Stephen Shore. Presented by photo student.

Simple, straightforward, like his other photos, but unlike his others, it shows no surrounding area.  It makes me wonder, “Where was this photo taken?  In a house?  In a place of business?  To whom does this television belong?”  With Shore’s other photos, I don’t have to ask AS many questions.  For example, he presents us with this image:

Photo by Stephen Shore. Presented by photo student.

For me, this image begs only one question, “What is this location?”  Other than that I am given all the information I need.  I see people, cars, buildings in both the foreground and in the distance, signs, and addresses.  I know that if I were to jump into this photograph I could probably figure out my location quickly.  While the same could be true of the first image, I am given so much more information up front with the second image that it makes the image of the television seems almost more intimidating simply by lacking the extras with which the second image provides me.
My overall favorite of Shore’s collection was this image:

Photo by Stephen Shore. Presented by photo student.

This photo seems very familiar to me.  This is not to say that I have seen this image before, but when I look at it I feel as though I’ve been there before.  For all intents and purposes, I’m going to say that this photo was taken in New York.  It very well may have been taken in another city, another state, even in another country for all I know, but in my head, when I see this image, it brings back memories of walking down the streets of New York, a simple tourist, with my camera.

As always, I am RJ, and this is my slightly new approach to blogging.

To see more of Shore’s photos check out this link:



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  1. Cool! You are expanding my horizons… 🙂 I will be checking out your blog, my friend!

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