“Yes, I was there, I have the videos to prove it…”

Which is better?  Watching something on TV/online or watching something live in the audience?  In my opinion, nothing beats being in a sea of people who are all focused on the same thing.  Be it a hockey game, a concert, a play, or the taping of a television show, you don’t get the same feeling when you watch from home instead of being able to experience them in person.  I’m mainly discussing concerts in this one.

I am more than guilty of recording and taking pictures during concerts.  The security staff gives concert-goers an inch and of course we all take a mile.  They allow us to bring our cameras and our camera phones as long as we leave the professional stuff at home.  But they all know what we do: we sit through the whole concert, taking picture after picture, and video after video hoping to get the best parts and coolest shots so we can post them up on every forum we can find, as if to say one of the following things:

1. “Look at how amazing my seat was!”

2. “Look at how crappy my seat was, but look at how amazing the zoom on my camera is!”

I’ve been thinking about it and I wonder why on earth would I waste my time doing this?  And let me tell you, I have been to my fair share of shows and more often than not I would leave with sore arms from holding my camera up the entire time.  I realize now that my goal was to preserve memories of what I was watching, and that makes perfect sense, however I have come to find that the memories I was saving were often those of me watching a show on my digital camera’s LCD screen.  Of course I did my fair share of staring directly at the stage and the performers doing their thing, but to come home with thirty videos and over one hundred pictures, makes me question the amount of time I actually watched the live show that was going on in front of my eyes.

My next question is: for whom are you recording the videos and taking the pictures on which you spent the entire show focusing?  Are they for you?  So that you can watch the show when you get home, in the comfort of your living room?  Or are they for your friends who weren’t fortunate enough to get tickets in time?  Either way, I have come to find that it’s really not worth it.  Not only do you miss out on the big picture when you’re focusing on capturing one little thing, but you also end up with people’s heads and random arms in your shot, or the faceless shrieking fans in your video who are attempting to sing along as well as be heard by everyone in the arena.  My advice?  Take a few pictures and/or videos sporadically throughout the show, that way you have a few highlights to bring home with you, but most importantly make sure you focus on the show that’s being performed for you.  You can’t get that back.  No two performances are ever the same no matter how consistent an artist or band is.

As always, I’m RJ and I’m going to go listen to some Lady GaGa and be envious of everyone who has tickets to her current and upcoming shows…hey, maybe someone will have pictures!


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