Peace out 2009, it’s been real.

So here it is: Christmas Eve.  I returned home from school only last night and now the holiday festivities are about to take place.  My parents have already put all of the “To: Rebecca, From: Santa” presents under the tree – way to uphold the illusion guys – and soon we will be leaving to spend the holiday with our family.  It hasn’t really hit me yet that it’s Christmas.  It feels like one of those random weekends that I decided to come home because I missed all of it’s comforts.  It also hasn’t hit me that I’ll be home for three weeks.  That’s three weeks of not having to shower in flip flops, not sharing a bathroom with 30 girls, not having to bring a set of six keys with me when I decide to leave my room – which by the way caused me to freak out last night when I left my bedroom without them, which never happened to me last year when I came home from school – but most importantly, “winter” break means a three week long break from tedious classes, due dates and homework.  Praise Jesus (or whoever you do (or don’t) believe in – I don’t judge).  I sure need this break, that’s for sure.  So, what are you doing for the holiday season and your break from whatever it is you are breaking?

This is a shorter post than usual, but I’m still RJ and this is still just something to think about.  Happy holidays to you and yours.


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