Guilty Pleasure Jams: I’m Not Ashamed.

Guilty pleasures.  Everyone’s got them.  Don’t lie, you know you have music that you’ll only dare to play in the sanctity of your own car or through headphones, when you’re the only one who can hear.  And it’s not like you just listen, oh no.  When you have your guilty pleasure music on, you belt it out, and you dance, admit it, I know I do.  Stoplights are the best.  The car stops, but the music does not, and in no way should your performance.  Anyone who laughs is just someone who hasn’t been caught yet.  Okay, so you may not be ready to admit the songs that make you imagine you’re up on stage in front of 10,000 screaming fans, but here they are, my top ten guilty pleasure jams, to which I shamelessly know every word:

10.  Quit Playing Games (with my heart) – Backstreet Boys – “Sometimes I wish I could turn back time, impossible as it may seem…” I’m a true 90s kid through and through so of course my day was never complete without a little AJ, Nick, Howie, Kevin, and (my personal favorite) Brian.

9.  Manic Monday – Bangles – Got a case of the Mondays?  Take a dose or two of this song and call me in the morning.

8.  Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar – “We are young!”  Enough said, man…

7.  I Will Learn to Love Again – Kaci – Straight off the soundtrack to “The Perfect Man” starring Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear and Chris Noth (better known as Mr. Big from Sex and the City) whenever I hear this, I just can’t help myself.

6.  Come Clean – Hilary Duff – Speaking of Hilary Duff ^ I thought this was appropriate.  When she makes her appearance on my iPod, I sometimes judge myself for listening…

5.  All or Nothing – O Town – Girls, find your boys, it’s the last slow song Mr. DJ is going to play at this school dance…

4.  How Do I Live – LeAnn Rimes – This one goes out to my mom.  I pride myself on being possibly one of the only people (besides her college music professor) to hear my mom sing for real; and she can pride herself on being the same for me.  This came on once in the car, we sang it, and when we got home I bought it on iTunes, and like the rest of these songs, when I hear it, I can’t not sing it.

3.  It’s All Coming Back to Me Now – Celine Dion – Yes. Just, yes.

2.  Ironic – Alanis Morissette – The song’s not very ironic at all, but I miss chick rockers like her.  I love this song.

1.  I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston – I mean, I really think this one is self explanatory.  Shout out to Robin and Jenna for this one. 🙂

Special thanks to the person who prompted this blog, I enjoyed writing it, in all it’s embarrassing glory.

So, I’m RJ, and I’m going to go get my hairbrush, the show starts promptly at 10…



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4 responses to “Guilty Pleasure Jams: I’m Not Ashamed.

  1. Becca's Cousin

    On my Ipod. *blushes in shame.

  2. the fact that that video has literally 1,690,738 views should make you not ashamed.

  3. I give full credit to the idea of this blog to Jenna.

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