So, wait. He’s just not that into you?

You may have heard there was a book.  You may have caught some previews or even the overpriced, non-matinee showing in the movie theater.  Or you may have just waited for it to come out on DVD.  So whichever category you do or do not fall into, this is what I’m talking about: “He’s Just Not That Into You” and the questions both the book and movie versions left in my head.  Things to note, I probably won’t be talking about either the movie or the book themselves besides this: I totally loved clicking through the pages of this book on my Kindle, and I thoroughly enjoyed curling up with my blanket and watching the movie alone in my single room while I analyzed every single thing every guy has ever done.  Just for fun of course.

First of all, guys, why is it so hard for you to tell a girl you are uninterested?  Does it make you feel good to string her along until she is so far from where she started that she has no idea how to get back?  Or is it just the lack of spine? Say this with me, boys, “I’m just not that into you”.  Was that so hard?  Well, practice makes perfect, you’ll get there.  Second of all why waste your time stringing along a girl about whom, you don’t care?  What’s the point?  Seriously, there is nothing more to my question than that.

My next grievance is with my own kind.  The ladies.  The smart, beautiful, talented ladies that allow themselves to be strung along and continue to make excuses for the guys who don’t seem to want them.  I’ll admit, I’ve done it too.  I’ve made excuses left and right for why my guy hasn’t called, or stuck with plans, but in the end, it all turns out to be for the same reason: he didn’t want me.  And that’s fine, not every guy is going to love every girl he meets and vice versa.  But, girls, tell me please, why?  Why do you hold onto the guys who don’t treat you well and cast off the ones who will treat you like the princess you are?  Your turn ladies, say it with me, “he is just not that into me.”  It’s really not that difficult to say it, and it’s slightly empowering.  Now take that idea, and go with it.

Guys, find yourself a girl who is willing to do the whole “friends with benefits” thing (you know, the girl who straight up tells you “this is what I want”, do not assume here) and stop lying to the girls who want more than that, just so you can keep them around.  And when you finally find “the one” that you want as more than just a hook up, please, treat her right.  And ladies, find yourself a guy who wants you for you and is constantly at the ready to prove this to you.

As always, I’m RJ, and this is just something to think about.



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4 responses to “So, wait. He’s just not that into you?

  1. Ashley

    because I was as blind as they were. I’m a fixer and thought u could be the one to change them. & it worked for a while…then naturally ceased to get better. But who abandons something (or in this case someone) they put so much time and energy and devotion and love into?

    • You’re so insightful. And trust me I know. I’ve tried with everything I have to make things work out but in the end they couldn’t. I spent years on a boy who wound up leading me nowhere. I wish I could get those years back,

  2. Because of your post I just wrote another, not the same idea as yours but it totally struck something for me.

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