So this is blogging? I’m afraid to ask this but, what’s the point? I know what you’re going to say: “Why sign up for a blogging website if you don’t get the point of it?” Am I right? In no way am I putting down blogging, I mean I’m here aren’t I? My real question should be “Why do YOU blog?” You, yes you, reader. What are you doing here? Just browsing? Perusing the works of your fellow bloggers? Just so happened to click a random link only to find yourself on an unfamiliar website? In any case, welcome. Welcome to what I’m hoping will be the place I can put my thoughts that I so often write by hand and file away only to be reread when I accidentally stumble upon them.

For the longest time I kept my writings primarily to myself and a few select people, from whom I requested opinions. Now in the long run, their opinions wouldn’t change the writings themselves, because I write for me first, and everyone else second. Is that selfish? I don’t seem to think so, but you can let me know, we’re friends now. But now, for whatever reason, I’ve decided to make my thoughts public, where anyone can stumble upon them. Maybe it was my recent change in major – from Psychology to Communications – PR/Journalism with a double minor in Psych and oh yea, Creative Writing. Or maybe I just finally want more than just the inside of my notebook to know what I’m scribbling about so often. Either way, I’m here now and happy to be, so let’s recap: I’m here to find out why other people blog, and to put my own thoughts out there for you to read. And the question I leave you with: “Why do you blog?”

For now, I’m RJ, and this is just something to think about…

Blogging: The Early Years



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4 responses to “Blogging

  1. shoretoplease

    i bitch and complain. more than my friends should be subjected to what i have to say. that is why i blog.

  2. Because some people are more fluent at expressing themselves through writing rather than speaking. Just because sometimes you have thoughts and feelings that just can’t be told to those around you.

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